THE ASK's goal with the new website is to become a destination for Black entertainment, culture, music, and news.

The idea of the website is to create an independent identity for BET's digital space. Different from the network, wants to produce about 65 pieces of content per day for people that are looking for real, updated, and trustful information about artists they like.

Not only that, but as part of the BET Network, also serves as a platform for people to stream content from BET Network. With content on demand and articles about their favorite series, also offers extra content people can only find on the website.



With most of the focus on music and videos, is a unique and immersive digital experience for those who enjoy following the most trendy and new entertainment content online.

Using a familiar interface, delivers content on a never-ending feed format, that curates unique content modules based on people's interest, section of the website and links to social media.